Bicol Express

Bicol Express is another incredible choice in the event that you’re an admirer of hot food. This dish is a specialty of the Bicol locale, known for its especially zesty food.

It comprises of a stew made utilizing pork gut, coconut milk, a great deal of stews, and some shrimp glue. Serving it with steamed rice assists with restraining the intensityKaldereta
Kaldereta, once in a while known as caldereta, is a stew that comprises of goat meat cooked in a rich pureed tomatoes. This stew is particularly like Spanish meat stews, so it’s an incredible choice in the event that you really love Spanish cooking.

Tinapa is the Filipino word for smoked fish. It is an extraordinary conventional dish that you certainly need to attempt when you’re in the Philippines.

The fish utilized is typically blackfin scad or bangus, and it is by and large tenderized for a couple of hours prior to being smoked.

It is a piece of normal breakfast food in the Philippines that is typically presented with salted egg, tomatoes, and rice.

Paksiw makes an interpretation of ‘to cook and stew in vinegar. This dish is especially normal as an ordinary dish in the Philippines.

The most well-known sort of paksiw is known as paksi

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