On the off chance that you are cowardly, simply sit back and relax! There are as yet numerous superb customary Filipino dishes that you can appreciate – including bulalo!

This dish is a light soup that incorporates verdant vegetables, natural corn, and meat knifes. It is overflowing with flavor and is sure to leave you feeling revived and all around took care of!
Bicol Express
Bicol Express is another incredible choice in the event that you’re an admirer of hot food. This dish is a specialty of the Bicol locale, known for its especially zesty food.

It comprises of a stew made utilizing pork gut, coconut milk, a ton of bean stews, and some shrimp glue. Serving it with steamed rice assists with restraining the intensity.
Kaldereta, once in a while known as caldereta, is a stew that comprises of goat meat cooked in a rich pureed tomatoes. This stew is particularly like Spanish meat stews, so it’s an incredible choice in the event that you love Spanish cooking.
At long last, we were unable to complete this rundown without including the superb Ube. Apparently, it was this dish that carried Filipino food into the standard.

A jam has been made utilizing bubbled and squashed purple sweet potatoes. Ube is in many cases utilized in frozen yogurt, cakes, treats, croissants, and even pies. It is really delightful and looks astounding as well!

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