Jhanak’s new journey will replace this main character in the show.

Jhanak has gained popularity because, along with the storyline, the actors have contributed to the show. Hiba Nawab and Krushal Ahuja’s strong screen appearances made fans hook on to the show.

Jhanak also excels in the areas of engaging storylines, good direction, cinematography, and romance. The makers keep adding twists and turns to the show to maintain the grip. Jhanak is in the top 10 TV shows.

Show Jhanak has an active fan base. They keep talking about the show. Lately, Jhanak’s new journey promo has been the talk of the town.

Anirudh completes his wedding with Arshi. Jhanak moves to Mumbai. She will restart her life. Anirudh will go in search of Jhanak. In the meantime, Jhanak will meet the new man of her life.

Jhanak and New Man’s entry will bring high-voltage drama to the show. Anirudh will bring a storm into Jhanak’s life later.

Fans have a mixed reaction to Jhanak’s upcoming track:

“Ani and arshi shaadi with jhanak as third wheel is unbearable to watch. Last time I watched this show was on June 23. I can’t stand ani with arshi and can’t stand jhanak right now. Let me know when this shaadi bakwas is over!”

“Ani is my favorite character..liked Runak…but makers obsession to keep third angle alive they are butchering Ani character. It’s high time ITV should come out of third angle obsession. Instead of showing marriage every alternate week show some fresh and toxicfree content.”

“Show us more RuNak progress!!!. Tired of Arshi taking up all the storyline”

On the story front, Jhanak has decided to move on in her life. She has taken part in a dance competition. Jhanak will meet someone and will be surprised. The new man’s entry will bring drama to the show.

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